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About Pinmar Supply
Based in Spain, Pinmar Supply provides a complete selection of marine supplies to both the trade and to yacht owners and their crew direct.

It has four chandlery shops based around the key marinas in Palma and Barcelona, and a Supply Team that manages its client’s needs whilst they are based in other locations around the world.

As distributors of many of the marine industry’s biggest brands, Pinmar Supply sells a wide range of products and has the product knowledge and knowhow to really assist its clients in buying and applying the right products for the job. It also has a team of experts that can source spare parts or special requirements such as safety equipment or water sport toys, it has a database of over 4000 suppliers and two personal shoppers that know the local landscape and where items can be located quickly.

If you are in Palma you can find shops in three locations, STP shipyard, Cami Escollera and Contramuelle Mollet, and in Barcelona within the MB92 shipyard. Its staff understands the products it sells and is happy to provide you with advice and information or even organise crew training on how to get the best results from the products. It has a fleet of mobile vans that make regular stops around its key locations and can bring your order right to the dockside.

Yacht Supplies Worldwide
Aside from its Retail Division, Pinmar Supply has a Supply Team that work with its clients that are on the move, that are in refit or still in construction. This team is location neutral and can help you wherever you happen to be located. Alongside its logistics division, the Supply Team can organise the delivery of goods anywhere in the world, easily dealing with hazardous materials or tight deadlines.

You can get a quote for many of our products online. Select a category below to view products within that category or filter by brand.. or a mix of both! Don't forget if you can't find what you are looking for, give us all the details via the "Special Orders" link where we have a team of experts waiting to help.



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